If we're at all serious about ensuring animals a better future, we have to start demanding more of our animal.

We have to dedicate ourselves to effective campaigning, support local grass-roots struggles in the streets
and in our donations, and we have to choose our targets strategically, minding bottlenecks.
In any case, in every case, we need to do more – working smarter, and harder. The same principle that drives
every success, in every thing – your family, your home, your schooling, your career, your lifelong learning.
Passivity, fickleness, ego, pride, complacency, self-centricity, hoping: inhibit.
Knowledge, thought, focus, conviction, collaboration, selflessness, doing: ensure.
There are many (many) opportunities in the Greater Phily area to "meet up" for animals,
ranging everywhere from regular demonstrations at local stores that sell animals to frequent
outreach events on behalf of the elephants in the Philly Zoo. The only thing missing is YOU.
Our events are peaceful, friendly, and legal. Our goal: to educate, not intimidate.
You can join a vegan potluck, or any of the umpteen area groups dedicated to eating and socializing.
Maybe you find a good dish or a specialty drink. But maybe you'd rather spend your time more actively and effectively helping animals.
We think that's the point.
We're dedicated to increasing participation in various animal campaigns in the region
by engineering events that help those who want to help animals help animals.
We're not out to save the cocktails.

Join our meetup here - it's always free to members!